What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

I invite you to watch this video to find out more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Over time, our unconscious accepts many beliefs and behaviors, many of which are beneficial to us and how we live our life. However, sometimes we can accept untrue or self-sabotaging beliefs that can negatively affect our wellbeing.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern solutions-focused approach to Hypnotherapy which combines the elements of Hypnosis with up to date theories and techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Theory, Modern Psychology, Positive Psychology, Word weaving and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (NLP). This unique combination produces an effective form of brief therapy. Results are often achieved surprisingly quickly.
Our approach is significantly different from the traditional schools of Hypnotherapy.

Rather than treating the symptoms of problems, the main theme of my work with you is to identify and resolve the emotional issue that triggers those unwanted behaviors.