The Hypnotension Programme

Do you suffer from essential or primary Hypertension?


health concept - cloud of related words and topicsWith primary or essential hypertension it is believed that lifestyle reasons tend to be the most likely cause. In over 90% of all instances of elevated blood pressure no known medical underlying cause is discovered.

This is called essential or primary Hypertension and it’s for those people that the Hypnotension system was designed for.

 It works together with the part of the mind that controls our behavioral responses and helps to make the changes needed to reduce blood pressure for the long-term.

Hypertension – What exactly is it?

The pressure your heart makes in your blood vessels as it pumps blood all around your body is termed blood pressure. Dependent upon your activities and your psychological state, your blood pressure level will go up and down through the day. However, should blood pressure levels remain high for a sustained duration of time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’

Normal blood pressure is about 115/75 mmHg, but should your blood pressure be 140/90 or over for longer than two weeks, it is considered to be high blood pressure. What this means is your heart would need to work much harder to circulate the blood throughout the body and the more significant the blood pressure, the more stress all your blood vessels are under. Because of the way blood pressure varies through the day, one elevated blood pressure reading does not necessarily mean that you’ve got high blood pressure because quite a few elements have an impact on it.

Should hypertension reach 160/100 mmHg or even higher, you would be considered to be at serious risk, therefore, you would ordinarily be given drugs to help to get it under control. Even so, there are many factors that may be looked at and the impact of drugs will differ from one person to another. Doctors usually advise that blood pressure ought to be kept under 120/80, and preferably around 115/75.

What can be the cause of high blood pressure?

An inactive way of life, less than ideal diet, being obese and being in poor condition physically, as well as environmental aspects and lifestyle choices, are thought to cause and sustain high blood pressure. Aside from this, panic and anxiety could potentially cause your blood pressure levels to go up also.

These are typical aspects numerous hypertensive people battle to keep on top of. These lifestyle elements are not just tricky to manage for people with raised blood pressure, the majority of the populace battles with them.

Medical professionals simply tend not to have the time or resources to handle the emotional or psychological factors that are the main culprit behind elevated blood pressure.

A positive change could help you to reduce your medication or maybe even leave it behind completely.You’re in control of making the next positive step when it comes to change.

The Hypnotension system could not only help you moderate your blood pressure now, but also for the potential future.