Five more minutes pleaseCan’t sleep?

Sleeping disorders deprive lots of people of much needed uninterrupted sleep.

Probably the most unsettling part of insomnia for most people is the fact that there is nothing, in particular, preventing them from going to sleep.


I had been on prescribed sleeping pills for many years but these were starting to lose effect and sleeping was again an issue. I had 4 sessions with Uschi and no longer take any medication to sleep and feel a hundred times better. ~ Mr K, Financial Consultant

Is any of the below familiar?

  • struggling going to sleep or sleeping at all
  • awakening in the night
  • troubled or restless sleep
  • waking up early morning without prompt

Everyone needs sleep; in fact, most of us need 6-8 hours of sleep each and every night in order to function properly. The loss of one night’s rest can take a while to get over but eventually, we do catch up. Unfortunately, long-term sleep deprivation is just not as easy to shake off.

When we become aware that we are having problems sleeping, we can build a fear of it happening and so a vicious cycle is established

Hypnosis for sleeping disorders could be the help you need to finally get to sleep and get some much needed shut-eye,  contact me today for an appointment or for more information.