I came to see Uschi originally to deal with my eating habits as I was desperate to loose some weight whilst trying for a baby.

Little did I know what Uschi would help me uncover about myself and the ‘demons’ that had been with me from an incident in my childhood.

With Uschi’s amazing help and support I have faced those things that were haunting me and causing me to feel the way I did about myself and food. Whilst I cant say I’m much slimmer at the moment, but that’s due to me expecting my second baby (hehe currently 19 weeks, due November), but I can definitely say I am a much happier and secure person and much more ‘at peace’ with myself.

I certainly don’t find myself turning to food as my emotional crutch anymore. Thank you Uschi, for all your help, understanding and support!!!

Mrs N. – Police support officer


I was on my first pregnancy and really wanted to have my baby naturally, that was what made me try hypno birthing.

Having a child is a major change in life and I had no idea how childbirth was going to be. It is really good to have help for this specific moment to feel prepared and reassured.

I can say that the sessions with Uschi where great and helped me and my husband to be able to feel more confident throughout the birth of our baby. At the end I had to have a C-section but having the tools that Uschi gave us helped me to control the pain and stay calm throughout. The operation can be a scary (specially when you are exhausted after hours and hours of contractions!).
Every birth is a different story but to keep calm and to know what to do and what is happening inside you is really important and reassuring. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to deliver their baby with confidence and low pain.

Mrs A. Receptionist


I’ve still not smoked. Thank you so much. With your help I have managed to change my mind set.


5 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Hypnosis

More and more research is being done into the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy.  This article shows just some of the benefits.

Our unconscious mind is knowledgeable and powerful in a different way than the conscious mind.

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Listen to how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety.

Here is a link to an interview  Trevor and Rebecca Silvester did for  BBC Radio London about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can to help reduce a variety of anxiety disorders.


I had the privilege of training with Trevor and Rebecca Silvester at the Quest Institute, London. Trevor Silvester is the founder of  Cognitive Hypnotherapy a science based Hypnotherapy program. Throughout this interview you can learn some tips on how you can take more control of your fears.

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