Anxiety & Panic

If you are living with excessive levels of anxiety you are not alone.  According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (2009),  1 in 20 of us is affected by it.

Balanced levels of anxiety keep us alert, it keeps us in check with the risks we take.It’s only when it reaches overwhelming levels, levels that influence and affect the way we live that we start to take notice.

Combining Cognitive Hypnotherapy  and powerful techniques I help you identify and resolve underlying emotions and believes that trigger this response.

Excessive anxiety produces emotional and physical symptoms, some of these symptoms can be quite scary and you may not even connect them to anxiety because they feel so physical.

Symptoms can range from anticipating the worst, feeling tense and jumpy, restlessness, trouble concentrating, insomnia, feelings of irritability and fatigue to more severe symptoms of panic attacks.

Panic Attack

Anxiety and panic are part of the body’s natural response to danger, they are an essential part of our flight or fight defense system that can keep us safe in dangerous situations.

However, during a panic attack, this system is activated without the presence of a life-endangering threat and often no real threat at all.  Panic attacks come out of the blue, a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. They can be terrifying.

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