About me

I have always had a great interest in the preventative and holistic side of health.  Having worked as a physical therapist for over twenty years my fascination on how the mind affects our body and behavior has led me to search for a therapy model that embraces all aspects of a person.

My interest in Hypnotherapy started many years ago. And after much research, I decided to train at Regents University/London with the internationally renowned Trevor Silvester, Quest Institute Director, Fellow of the National Council of Hypnotherapy and creator of Wordweaving.

I’ve been taken on an amazing journey of learning how the mind really works and how to facilitate change in people. I’m very excited as this is an ongoing journey, new developments in the field of mind-body connections are continually being made and we are able to integrate these into this cutting-edge therapy model called Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Uschi Martin Business PortraitI’m proud to have gained the Quest Institute Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy it is one of the most rigorous available, meeting and exceeding the National Occupational Standards set for Hypnotherapy in the UK.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) is the first nationally accredited hypnotherapy qualification, awarded by the NCFE National Awarding Body. The HPD is widely regarded as the Gold Standard in Hypnotherapy.

As a fully insured Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) I am committed their high ethical professional standards and continued professional development within my field.

I am also a registered member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Since qualifying, I have undertaken extensive further training:

  • NLP Master Practioner ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Coaching Master Practitioner, Trevor Silvester |The Quest Institute
  • EMI Plus (Eye Movement Integration, Trauma and PTSD)
  • Psy Tap Practitioner – Psychosensory Techniques and Principles (Kevin Laye)
  • HYPNOBIRTHING ( Confident Childbirth)
  • Smoking Cessation ( The Simmons Method)
  • EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Slimming in the attic  (Andrew T Austin)
  • Integrated Parts Therapy  (Dr. Brian Roet)