Who would you be without the things that are holding you back?

I can help you, be the best version of yourself

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  • Are you feeling stuck in a behavior that you want to change?
  • Do you often feel anxious and overwhelmed in situations?
  • Does it seem that the moment you are beginning to make changes you are self-sabotaging them?
  • Are you fed up with having a constant internal argument with yourself?

Our subconscious mind is in charge of approximately 90% of what we do. All our habits and automated thought pattern are controlled by the subconscious mind. It’s also responsible for controlling our health and function of every organ and every cell.

It stores different beliefs that we accept about ourselves and the world. Some of them are empowering positive beliefs and others are negative limiting beliefs.

‘The interventions I use work directly with your subconscious mind and allow you to let go of blocks you might experience in your life’.

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Uschi Martin Reviews

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Verified Client

Friendly and helpful  
Beckie Cole on September 22, 2017 at 14:18:21
Uschi was wonderfully friendly and understanding. She carefully selected techniques to help me with some obsessive and compulsive notions, which helped me to become a happier person.
Uschi Martin:  Dear Beckie, thank you, it was a pleasure supporting you!

Verified Client

Awonderful person who fully gets to the issue  
Brian Wilson on September 22, 2017 at 05:50:06
I have recommended many friends. I found the whole experience fantastic, and Uschi really understands you.
Uschi Martin:  Thank you, Brian, for recommending me!

Verified Client

Uschi Martin's therapy has been truly life changing.  
HJR 2017 on September 13, 2017 at 15:13:37
Uschi Martin has helped me enormously. I have learned various techniques which have helped me cope with various issues. These have helped me cope with various issues including : the stress of a second diagnosis of cancer, intense fear of hospitals and surgery, relaxation after and recovery from major surgery, getting through chemotherapy. With her help I have been able to identify areas in my life which I needed to change. I am surprised frequently at how I now put my own needs before others. Previously I found it very hard to say No and would become very stressed and frustrated with myself. I do not spend as much time worrying about what might happen in the future but concentrate on now. I learned techniques which helped immensely when I was anxious or feeling panicky. I recently had a further recurrence of cancer and spoke to Uschi about booking an appointment. I believe we were both most surprised during the conversation when it became clear that I was coping really well and didn't need any help. I have come so far and am so grateful for Uschi's highly professional, friendly and supportive guidance. The therapy with her has been truly life changing.
Uschi Martin:  Thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure supporting you!

Verified Client

Life changer  
Andy on September 13, 2017 at 13:51:27
A truly remarkable lady
Uschi Martin:  Thank you, Andy for your positive review!

Verified Client

A professional that really helped.  
Anonymous on August 28, 2017 at 13:32:26
Uschi is clearly a professional in her field. I found it very comfortable communicating with her - something that I thought was going to be the hardest part. Her broad skill set aloud us to try out a range of techniques that I've been able to take away and practice in my own time. I would recommend to a friend not only because the value she gave in the session, but the usefulness of the skills you could take away with you.
Uschi Martin:  Thank you so much for your positive review 🙂

Verified Client

Highly recommended  
P Mitchell on August 03, 2017 at 14:51:21
As a Chiropractor it is always great have trusted therapists to refer patients to. I found our sessions very useful to solve an anxiety issue and Uschi made me feel very comfortable to discuss my problem. I would, and do, highly recommend her.
Uschi Martin:  P. Mitchell, thank you so much for sharing your positive experience and for recommending me to your patients.

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